Herrins Bio-shield method

About Bio-Shield 

and why it's the future of infection control

Herrin Enterprises is a fast-paced company that uses the latest technology and methods to provide anti-microbial protection to the important places in your life: your home, your school, your workplace. We go where the germs are, so you can have peace of mind that your facility is not just clean, but also has long lasting anti-microbial properties that will help prevent cross contamination.

Herrin Enterprises invented the Bio-Shield Method, the affordable, green method for workplace infection control. The company is also the exclusive distributor for the BioShield 75 long-term antimicrobial preventative in New England and New York.

Since opening our doors in 1985, we’ve grown from a husband-and-wife home-and-office-cleaning company, to a company large enough to serve not only Upper Valley homeowners but also some of the Valley’s largest facilities. We work closely with all of our customers to provide the highest-quality most cost effective program possible. We believe that your home or office isn't just a reflection on you; it's also a reflection on us. We’re your neighbors – not a chain – and we’re active in the Upper Valley community.

With a long history as a commercial/residential janitorial/cleaning company and over 70 years of combined experience we here at Herrin Enterprises/Bio-Shield have a unique perspective on cross contamination and "common touch points" in both your home and business. Using this knowledge and current technologies such as ATP testing we can effectively build you a program that will provide maximum results with minimum financial impact. After implementing our program you will see a decrease in the need for disinfectants and other harsh cleaning chemical. Loss of time do to sickness will also be reduced. If one quart cost's thirty dollars but will cover one building for 3 months as opposed to 3 gallons of your average chemical based disinfectant to do the same job in the same amount of time and your not putting these chemicals down the drain how can you say no?

How to Lower Your Cleaning Costs While Reducing the Risk of Illness in Your Workplace:

and how Herrin Enterprises can help

When employees and customers pick up infections in offices, the usual sources are “hot spots” such as keyboards, telephones, tables in break rooms, coffee bowls, copy stations, doorknobs, and light-switch plates. Accumulations of germs (microbes, including bacteria, viruses, algae and mold) in these places cause cross-contamination that spreads illness from person to person. Most cleaning methods don’t prevent cross-contamination. Bio-Shield does.

Bio-Shield is an affordable, biological-based (green) cleaning method. The Bio-Shield Method uses advanced technologies to deep-clean furniture, fixtures, ductwork, air filters, telephones, keyboards, and PCs – and keep them germ-free for up to three months.

By scientifically attacking cross-contamination, the Bio-Shield Method provides a much cleaner, healthier, more-productive environment for your employees, customers and janitorial service workers. It can also reduce your janitorial expenses, through more efficient use of manpower and materials (especially disinfectants).

Surface Cleaning Is Not Disinfecting

As you know, most in-house and outsourced janitorial services do an adequate job of traditional surface cleaning (as opposed to deep-cleaning of surfaces). Done correctly and frequently, traditional surface cleaning can make your facility look and smell clean.

But when it comes to the control of germs, traditional surface cleaning is far less effective than you may assume. It doesn’t prevent cross-contamination – it may even increase cross-contamination, by moving germ-laden dirt around. In other words, visually clean is not clean enough.

To prevent cross-contamination, cleaning must be deep and thorough – to remove all dirt that supports germs.

For example, it is impossible to effectively vacuum and wipe every corner and crevice inside a telephone keypad. You miss a lot of germ-laden dirt, dust and moisture – and possibly the sticky residue of dried coffee and soft drinks (which attract even more dust and moisture).

We tend to think of “dust” as microscopic particles of soil, smoke, and fiber from clothing and carpets – plus pollen in season. But what we informally call “dust” also includes moisture, fungus, human hair, flakes of human skin, animal fur, flakes of animal skin, dust mites, dust mite feces (a major allergen), and more. This is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Bio-Shield: Effective, Affordable and Green

Bio-Shield solves or reduces all these problems. It is a modern, affordable, biological-based (green) cleaning method. It vastly reduces cross-contamination – our scientific testing method using adenosine triphosphate (ATP) will prove it to you. Bio-Shield reduces workplace infection and the spread of illness. It also prolongs the life of your electronic equipment.

The Bio-Shield Method is offered by Herrin Enterprises, a long-established cleaning company in New England.

Bio-Shield is a deep-cleaning method. That means you will need far less disinfectant per year. It also means your janitorial staff will be exposed to lower quantities of disinfectant per year. And you will save money from the increased efficiency of the janitorial staff – Herrin Enterprises can train them in Bio-Shield techniques.

Service: On-Site Cleaning

At your premises, a Bio-Shield team will use ATP testing to determine your “hot spots” and will then propose a customized service package to control cross-contamination. This is one way you save money – you buy only what you really need.


Then, if you approve the customized service package, Bio-Shield performs the on-site deep-cleaning (or trains your janitorial staff to do it). We clean furniture, copy stations, doorknobs, light-switch plates and other fixtures. We go where the germs are.

Service: Off-Site Cleaning of Electronics and Other Portable Items

Herrin has discovered a way to safely deep-clean telephones, keyboards and other electronic devices by immersing them in a liquid medium and applying a wave technology to loosen the dirt, which is then washed and rinsed away.

In other words, the Bio-Shield immersion cleaning system is a larger, more high-tech version of the familiar jewelry cleaner. What makes Bio-Shield safe for electronics is our proprietary drying system.

Our drying system is a regulated drying cabinet that is custom-built for the purpose. It uses radiant heat and dehumidification air flow. Anyone can wet an electronic device, but only Bio-Shield can properly dry it. In as little as 24 hours, your devices are thoroughly dry – inside and out – and ready to be returned to you. 

We also use the off-site immersion system to clean other portable, high-risk items – such as hole-punches, staplers and refrigerator door handles.

Service: BioShield 75, a Long-Term Antimicrobial Preventative

Herrin Enterprises also offers BioShield 75, a unique, inexpensive long-term preventative product. We can apply it after we deep-clean your surfaces and equipment. BioShield 75 is a patented biostatic inhibitor that kills microbes for up to 90 days – even while additional dirt is accumulating. Most disinfectants don’t even last one hour.

Here’s how BioShield 75 works. One end of its molecule creates a strong bond with a multitude of surfaces, forming a highly durable microbiostatic coating. The other end of the molecule is a microscopic spike. Together, the molecules line up to form a bed of microscopic spikes, just like a bed of nails (see Figure 1).

The spikes literally puncture microbes – they physically rupture the cell walls of the microbes, killing them. That’s why BioShield 75 does not have to rely on poisons, which soon become exhausted. It’s also why BioShield 75 does not breed highly resistant “super bugs,” as disinfectants can.

The reason that BioShield 75 doesn’t last forever is that the normally accumulating dirt eventually covers the points of the microscopic spikes.

If you prefer, Herrin Enterprises will also train your employees or janitorial service to apply BioShield 75, and supply them with the product.

BioShield 75 is produced by IndusCo, Ltd., of Greensboro, NC. Herrin Enterprises is the exclusive distributor for New England and New York. The product is inexpensive, water-based, food-grade and safe. It has been tested via 25 years of use. It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Summary of Services

In order to meet the needs of our clients, Herrin Enterprises offers a variety of services. We are always willing – in fact, eager – to offer you free consultation and advice in order to tailor a Bio-Shield service package for your specific needs. You buy only what you need, with no wasted cost or effort.

Our Bio-Shield services include:

ATP testing of furniture, fixtures and portable items in your office, to determine contamination levels.

On-site cleaning of furniture, doorknobs, light-switch plates and other fixtures.

Off-site immersion cleaning of your portable, high-risk items – such as telephones, keyboards, hole-punches, staplers and refrigerator door handles.

Treatment with BioShield 75 long-term antimicrobial preventative

Ongoing monitoring of contamination levels.

On-site training of your employees or janitorial service (how to test contamination levels and how to perform routine cleaning tasks and preventative applications of BioShield 75).

Supplies of BioShield 75, for use by your employees or janitorial service.

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Bio-Shield is an affordable, biological-based cleaning method for workplace infection control. By scientifically attacking cross-contamination, Bio-Shield provides a much cleaner, healthier workplace for your employees and your customers. And it controls the overall cost of your janitorial services. You get more peace of mind, more cleanliness, fewer complaints, less employee illness, and lower costs.


Call us today at [(603) 675-6992] for a free consultation. We can help you determine an affordable plan that fits your specific needs.

Costs that Bio-Shield can reduce:

Manpower costs (janitorial service)

Cost of chemicals, especially disinfectant

Personnel costs

Risk of illness

Exposure to harsh disinfectants

Cost of ownership of electronics

Risk of damage while cleaning

Cost of cooling during operation

Disposal cost (hazardous materials)

Replacement cost

We typically think of “dust” as:

Particles of soil

Particles of smoke

Particles of clothing fiber

Particles of carpet fiber

Pollen in season

But it also contains:


Fungus (mold, mildew)

Human hair

Flakes of human skin

Animal fur

Flakes of animal skin

Dust mites

Dust mite feces (a major allergen)

Bacteria and viruses

BioShield 75 long-term preventative:

Kills germs by puncturing them

Works through accumulating dirt

Contains no poisons

Will not cause mutations (“super bugs”)

Effective up to 90 days

EPA and USDA registered



Safe to use

Non-leaching technology

Adheres to porous and non-porous surfaces

Prevents mildew growth and discoloration